Today, I want to write this article to help a little more on the topic of getting better results with email marketing.

Each and every day there are new "people" and new "gurus" popping up, charging people for information that they themselves have not tested or proven. One of the major problems I have with all these people is the fact they keep preaching ... No Website Required. When it costs to email marketing, you are going to need these things, otherwise, you will have a serious issue with getting results. So, let's address what I mean here ... 

  • No website required - No domain required. There isn't a single email marketing platform or service right now that will address your delivery issues without some sort of self domain. Using emails from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc will not get you good delivery ever! Here's why ... those ISP/ESP know when the email is coming from their own servers, so you send an email from a mass email service without their signatures - it's going to be instantly flagged as spam. Not only that, sites like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, and Activecampaign specifically have an onboarding system to inform you about adding your own domains. It's important, it's something you need to have and most people are not paying attention to this.
  • Most services are now asking and/or requiring that you provide a site that your list came from. This doesn't have to be the case, in theory, but all you would need is a site that they see but that doesn't mean it's what you are using. But you still need something to look legit and not like a spammer. The easiest way to solve this problem, purchase a domain on cheap hosting and install WordPress, tweak a theme, and done. Inside Earn Avenue we will have information about this, if it's not there now it will be coming.

So, with that being said, sending an email with a Gmail domain will never get you good results - like ever.

Recently, we have been testing the server hard to make sure the incoming leads and the server are working as they should. Seeing that many people are getting horrible opens, we want to test and make sure it worked. What we found was that 9 out of 10 of the email senders used an ISP domain ( Gmail yahoo Hotmail ) and the content in their emails was not so good. Holding many trigger words and other things that got their emails flagged, suppressed, and ultimately not delivered. 

This is an update for the beginning of January 2021 as a monthly thing we will be doing this to show our results, good or bad.

There are some mixed results here but wanted to show our results in raw form. The low opens are cold lists basically the same emails you are getting. Once we warm them up more it will scale up to higher. We also sent the one email with a Hotmail email, to prove that it's still being blocked due to the ISP email.

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